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The Interview Archive


This is an online collection of the audio files and transcripts of the full interviews conducted by UBC-Okanagan Masters student Judith Burr for her Digital Arts & Humanities thesis project “Listening to Fire Naturecultures: A Feminist Academic Podcast of Fire Knowledges in and around the Okanagan Valley.” These interviews - which include expert knowledge and oral history - were used to create the thesis podcast "Listening to Fire Knowledges in and around the Okanagan Valley" as part of this project. UBC-Okanagan Project Ethics ID: H21-01618.


Judith Burr


January - April 2022



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Full Interview with Amy Cardinal Christianson

Judith Burr February 28, 2022
Full Interview with Don Gayton

Judith Burr February 1, 2022
Full Interview with Dave Gill

Judith Burr February 15, 2022
Full Interview with Daryl Spencer

Judith Burr January 6, 2022
Full Interview with Gord Pratt

Judith Burr January 31, 2022
Full Interview with John Davies

Judith Burr January 19, 2022
Full Interview with Jeff Eustache

Judith Burr February 16, 2022
Part 1: Full Interview with Joe Gilchrist

Judith Burr February 12, 2022
Full Interview with Kelsey Winter

Judith Burr January 17, 2022
Full Interview with Nancy Turner

Judith Burr January 25, 2022
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