FireSmart Canada's resources and advice for preparing and protecting your home from damage during wildfire events: https://firesmartcanada.ca/

FireSmart Canada's booklet about Indigenous fire stewardship, Blazing the Trail, featuring the Interior Salish Fire Keepers Society: https://firesmartcanada.ca/product/blazing-the-trail-celebrating-indigenous-fire-stewardship

The Nature Conservancy's "Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges" in the United States: http://www.conservationgateway.org/ConservationPractices/FireLandscapes/HabitatProtectionandRestoration/Training/TrainingExchanges/Pages/fire-training-exchanges.aspx

The Karuk Tribe's work to restore healthy fire regimes and practice cultural burning as part of "Karuk Climate Change Projects": https://karuktribeclimatechangeprojects.com/

The North Fork Mono Tribe's meadow restoration work with good fire in the Sierra Nevada: https://www.fs.usda.gov/features/working-with-tribes-oak-groves-meadows

The Firesticks Alliance: https://www.firesticks.org.au

Amy Cardinal Christianson and Matthew Kristoff's "Good Fire Podcast": https://yourforestpodcast.com/good-fire-podcast

Amanda Monthei's "Life with Fire Podcast": https://lifewithfirepodcast.com

Adam Huggins and Mendel Skulski series about fire on the "Future Ecologies Podcast": The first episode is “On Fire: Camas, Cores, and Spores (Part 1),” August 29, 2018, https://www.futureecologies.net/listen/fe1-5-on-fire-pt-1